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Christopher L. Curran, CLU

As a 25 year veteran, Chris has developed skills in several key areas of the financial services industry.  His main focus and passion, however, lies in helping people avoid the simple mistakes that end up preventing them from achieving objectives like educating their children and retiring comfortably due to inefficiencies caused by these mistakes.

Three types of clients that Chris focuses his efforts on are:

  1. Parents who are preparing to pay college tuition
  2. Those whose children have graduated and have shifted their focus on retirement
  3. People who are already retired and are looking to get the most income from their assets

Chris and his wife put two of their own children through college and he has helped well over 1000 families do the same throughout his career.  In the process of doing this Chris realized that in most cases paying for college is rarely the problem.  The problem is in how it affects the parents’ financial position in the post college years.

“You can not plan for college in a vacuum”.  He often says.  Taking a holistic approach and accounting for the parents’ well-being in retirement years caused Chris to explore and become familiar with some of the most effective ways to help maximize income provided by retirement assets.

Three key areas :

  1. Avoiding losses while retaining the ability to get better than fixed rate returns
  2. Minimizing impact of taxes
  3. Reducing the risk of outliving your money

In short , getting the most out of existing assets for the longest period of time.

Three ways to potentially do this:

  1. Have more – get the highest rate of return while eliminating downside risk
  2. Pay Less – Reduce the negative impact of Taxes/Fees
  3. Leverage – Take advantage of annuities that can guarantee lifetime income*


Chris is licensed in the following states for life insurance and fixed annuities: NJ, NY, PA, OH, FL, TX, WI, CA, MA, IL, MD.

Education:  Bachelor Degree, 1988 Fairfield University

                       CLU Designation, 2003 American College

Personal:  Resides in NJ with his wife Jill.   Children: Emily & Sam

*Guarantees extend to the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company  TC124138(1121)3