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Business Planning

We serve a wide variety of Businesses and Business Owners, a few of our areas of concentration are: Teachers, School Systems and Employers, Police, Professional Athletes, Estates and Trusts, Family Funds, Qualified Planning, Bi-Lingual Business Owners (Chinese, Spanish)1.

Premium Financing2

Simply put, premium financing is a strategy for paying for life insurance. It allows high net- worth individuals who need a large amount of life insurance to use an alternative method for paying premiums – rather than using your current cash flow or liquidating assets to pay premiums, you obtain the funds needed by borrowing from a third party lender.

Retirement Plans

We offer full qualified retirement planning services, including plan design, administration and investment management. At retirement, our advisors can help you determine how to best receive your retirement benefits, as well as help you invest those assets and address your retirement concerns.

Business Succession

Working with your other professional advisors, we design, implement and provide funding alternatives for business continuity and/or succession plans. The plans can include living benefits, such as a disability benefit, in addition to death benefits. By providing business valuation services, tax-deferred funding vehicles for buy/sell agreements, and business succession plans, we can help your business succeed both today and tomorrow.

Investment Services

We recognize the commitment and responsibility we undertake when we provide investment advice. That’s why we listen closely to your needs and concerns, and deliver quality investment services that correspond to your unique objectives. A wide range of investment objectives can be pursued through the use of a variety of investments and asset allocation services, what is most important is a strategy that is most appropriate for your needs.

Key Man Policies

Today’s Small Business often depends on its key members to survive. To protect your business from future uncertainties we can assist you in assessing options based on your needs.

If something prompts a question, please reach out. We would enjoy speaking with you.

Policies and contracts are only available in English.

2Premium financing is offered by an independent third party specialist.